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Join the Movement

Take Action

This is as simple as espousing its values in your actions. You can commit to:

  • Uphold the dignity inherent in all of us and strive for civility and respect, even in the presence of widely different opinions.
  • Support the right of everyone to express their individuality and diversity within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity and respect.
  • Confront discrimination and harassment whenever they occur, including when it is motivated by bias or hate.
  • Participate in an affiliated program that promotes Aggies Think, Care, Act values.

Affiliated Programs

Learn more about gender identities and sexual orientation and show support for those who identify as LGBTQA by taking an Allies training.

Register for an Allies on Campus training

Learn the signs of a mental health crisis and how to connect others to professional, peer, social, and self-help care.

Register for Mental Health First Aid

Learn about preventing harms in our community through bystander intervention by taking the Upstanding Training.

Learn more at

Question, persuade and refer – or QPR – is a bystander intervention training to help those in psychological distress and prevent suicide. This free 1 to 2-hour training is provided to groups upon request. Please consider this training session for your staff, department, or club.

Contact us at least three weeks before your requested date if you are interested

Explore civic identity, develop leadership skills, and address community-identified needs, locally and around the world.

Education Outreach


Aggie Blue Bikes

Utah Conservation Corps

Val R. Christensen Service Center

Student Sustainability Office