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Sharing a Meal, Sharing a Story

The Cache Valley Diversity Dinner provides a chance for members of the community to share a meal with those they may have never interacted with before and hear each other's stories. Our community is stronger when people understand and appreciate how we are both different and the same.

The 2019 Diversity Dinner

The first Cache Valley Diversity Dinner was held on March 27, 2019. The dinner was hosted by USU President Noelle Cockett, and organized by USU's Aggies Think, Care, Act committee in collaboration with Cache Valley community leaders. The Logan City School District sponsored the event by providing the venue.

Members of the planning committee included (listed in alphabetical order): Amy Anderson, Nelda Ault-Dyslin, Eri Bentley, Michelle Bogdan-Holt, Lisa Chaparro, Rigo Chaparro, Amanda DeRito, Tony Flores, Jessica Francom, Chris González, Katie Jensen, Sachin Pavithran, Ed Redd, Sally Sears, Frank Schofield, Kate Stephens, Morgan Walton, and Jessie Zhu.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Eri Bentley at or 435-797-1012.