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Frequently Asked Questions

Aggies Think, Care, Act is an initiative promoting a culture of caring that values human dignity, the equitable treatment of all, the freedom of expression, respect for others and the safety of each member of the Aggie family. Aggies Think, Care, Act elevates the academic experience and empowers students to become global citizens by offering opportunities to put these values into action.

Aggies Think, Care, Act provides a hub for planning campus events and programs to make sure we are all working together to further the Aggies Think, Care, Act values. The Aggies Think, Care, Act committee includes staff, faculty and students from many different campus departments and programs. Monthly committee meetings create an opportunity for an ongoing informal assessment of campus issues and help us be proactive in meeting the needs of students.

We believe all Aggies should feel included and safe and have equitable access to opportunities that help them reach their full potential inside and outside the classroom. We believe diversity of culture, background and thought makes our Aggie family stronger and more prepared to take on challenges after college.

We each have many ways we can contribute to the quality of life in our campus community and in our communities. Aggies Think, Care, Act aims to address concerns of mental health and wellness, sexual misconduct prevention, inclusion and diversity, and environmental health and sustainability.

Contact us! We would love to talk about your idea and see how we could help. There are also services that link to your idea that you don’t yet know about. Why reinvent the wheel when you can expand the impact?