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3rd Annual Inclusive Excellence Symposium 2020

Hosted by the President's Office

USU’s third annual Inclusive Excellence Symposium follows the tradition of promoting diversity, inclusion, and respect in the USU community by offering education, research, and training for understanding the experiences of underrepresented groups.

By focusing on “Black Lives Matter: A Community Calling” as the theme for 2020’s symposium, we’re building a foundation for our campus community to understand and counteract racism that affects marginalized communities.

This theme is not a declaration that only Black lives matter. It is, however, a recognition that issues of equality, economic security and physical safety for members of our Black community persist today and must be a part of our nation’s civil dialogue.

Please join us in this important conversation.

(NOTE: The theme of the Inclusive Excellence Symposium should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.)


Symposium Sessions

Voices and Visions of Black Lives that Mattered

Dr. Marisela Martinez-Cola, Utah State University

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On the Issue of Mattering: Black Lives and the Changing Landscape of Resistance

Dr. Brandon Manning, Texas Christian University

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Black Experiences as Described in Art and Pop Culture

Professor Michael Ray Charles, University of Houston

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Involved to Evolve: Student Voices on Campus Climate and Sense of Belonging

USU Student Panel 

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A Journey on Allyship

Dr. Lesther Papa, UC San Francisco

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What to Expect

The Inclusive Excellence Symposium emphasizes the benefits of greater diversity within our communities. By attending, you will:

  • Receive education and training for understanding the experiences of underrepresented groups.
  • Understand how you can reduce barriers to the academic and career success of people in these groups.
  • Have opportunities for networking, collaboration, and dialogue among faculty, staff, students, and community members.

About Inclusive Excellence Symposium

This annual event creates space for our campus partners to collaborate and share experience and expertise that contributes to equity and inclusion at USU and in our community.

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2020 Symposium FAQ

  • Where is the symposium held, and when is the event?
  • Why is “Black Lives Matter” this year’s symposium theme?
  • What about other marginalized communities?

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Past Symposiums

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2020 Symposium Sponsors 

  • Department of Psychology
  • Latinx Cultural Center
  • Inclusion Center
  • Center for Intersectional Gender Studies and Research
  • Office of Equity

2020 Symposium Playlist